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GamePlan is a web based construction management software for architects, engineers and contractors


Assign and track action items

One of the basic building blocks of a successful web based construction management software solution is assigning and tracking actions items. We have built a robust action item tracking, reporting and follow up system so you don’t have to spend too much time writing follow up emails and creating reports. Related Products


Share documents and content with your team

Sometimes sharing current set of drawings and specifications with your construction team on the job site can be really hard. Using a flexible and robust web based construction management software will help you share information quickly. Related Products

Get things done while on the go

Securely access project data from anywhere, anytime. Related Products


Find information quickly and create beautiful reports

You should be able to find the information quickly when you need it. The good thing about using a web based construction management software solution for documentation is the speed with which you can find the information and report on it. We collect the information, organize it and make it really easy for you to report. Related Products

Get feedback on everything you share

Getting feedback from your project team and collaborating to solve problems can greatly help your construction projects. Share your ideas with your team and get feedback to innovate fast and deliver successful construction projects. Related Products


Manage contracts, track progress and keep a close watch on project resources

You can easily manage changes, track project milestones and manage labor, equipment and material using GamePlan’s web based construction management software solutions. Related Products

Leverage the power of a web based construction management software for your projects

Cloud is transforming businesses. Leverage the power of cloud on your construction projects and stay ahead of competition. Disrupt the industry before your business model gets disrupted. Related Products



Our products work together seamlessly. Start with one or more.


Bring your entire project team in a single virtual workspace and encourage collaborative problem solving.

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Easily setup a seamless office and field communication and effectively manage QA and safety procedures.

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Streamline document controls workflows and speed up collaborative review processes.

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Contract Management

Simplify contract management, budgeting and change management for improved cash flow and profitability.

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Improve scheduling, resource allocation, and production planning so you can deliver projects ahead of time.

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Easily manage material, equipment and crew resources. Reduce the unwanted wastes in the process.

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David de Yarza
Director of Innovation
BN Builders, Seattle

“We are big fans of GamePlan and love the collaboration aspect of it. It has become the hub to our projects.”

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